Santiago López

“I always enjoyed working in the fields. I am also very conscious that the wine is primarily made in the vineyard”

He was born in Roa and has always been fascinated by the rural world. In fact he studied Agricultural Engineering in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Due to his passion for viticulture, his philosophy is that you can only make great wines from great grapes. That is why his first decision was to plant the vines a decade before the creation of the winery. He chose the most appropriate plots and clones with the idea of developing distinct and singular vineyards, from which the wines would reflect the terroir. His constant efforts have resulted in a family estate of 100 acres of exceptional high quality vines.

Carretera BU-122 km 1.5 - 09300 - Roa de Duero - Burgos - 947 56 11 39 -